Our members

Our club has approximately 20 members of various ages and backgrounds. We are a friendly, supportive group of people ready to share our knowledge and experience. If you really want to improve your public speaking skills, we want to add your name to our membership list soon!

Our committee members

Tina Dalen – President

Shishir Ray – Vice President Education

Anthony Arndt – Vice President Membership

Simon Cawood & Linda House – Vice President Publication Relations

Philip Rampton – Secretary

Rebecca Crozier – Treasurer

Thuy Finch – Sergeant at Arms


We will be continually updating this section with information on why our members joined the club and what they have gained from their membership.


Since joining Toastmasters in 2014, I have been thrilled with my progress in communication, leadership and public speaking skills.

Croydon Toastmasters offer a variety of opportunities in career and personal development,

together with the relentless support of an encouraging and inspirational Team. We also have lots of FUN!!


I am one of the older members of Croydon – Yarra Valley Toastmasters. Nobody cares how old you are over 18 years of age.

I enjoy seeing the progress of new members as they are assisted and encouraged to be the best that they can be. I am still learning

Who doesn’t like to talk? Let us help you to do it better. We are not afraid to laugh and have fun at our club.

Come and see our friendly group as a visitor and find out first hand if it is for you.


I joined Toastmasters to gain some job interview skills. The skills I developed have helped in that area of life and in many others.

I am an amateur musician. Toastmasters experience helped to reduce my nervousness when performing in public. My performances improved not only through better instrumental technique but also by having more experience in front of an audience – I could more easily concentrate on playing.

At other times, I have been asked at short notice to speak in public or at funeral services with, almost literally, last minute changes to speaking arrangements. Toastmasters skills were vital. I have been at the club for a while now but still have a great deal to learn.

Over the years, I have met many people, professional speakers and civil celebrants, who had their early speaking experience in Toastmasters. If you want or need to perform well in public, I recommend that you look at the Toastmasters speaking program. You don’t need “talent”! However, as with building any other skill, there are no short cuts to great competence. You must work at it. Toastmasters can provide you with a venue for gaining or using your speaking skills and feedback on how you can be even better.

Come to a meeting and see for yourself.